Carol Kirsch, B.A., M.A., LCPC

carol-hargis-moisantMy early career involved 27 years of social work, the last 13 years of which I was the supervisor over a staff of social workers. During that time, while being tasked with helping those who were subjected to so many of life’s less fortunate situations, it became glaringly obvious that everyone is affected and molded by the environment in which they live, along with their life choices, whether good or bad. Many have been affected by negative experiences in their child hood upbringing or the way in which other’s treated them along life’s path. In those many years of trying to help others, I came to the realization that many of the less fortunate did not choose to be in their situation, and I had to ask myself, “What if they had received the right kind of emotional and psychological support, when it could have made a positive difference in their lives”. Further as a social worker, I quickly realized that I could only treat the symptoms of the problems I encountered daily.

But I wanted far more. My basic nature as a caregiver compelled me to want to really make a difference in peoples’ lives, by addressing the root cause of what is holding them back. I knew I had to become a Psychotherapist in order to do that, so I returned to school, in my 50’s, and earned my Masters Degree in Psychotherapy, which I have been utilizing to fulfill my dream of truly helping others, for 11 years in private practice, before joining AFC. During those 11 years, I was also a therapist on the staff of two psychiatric hospitals in Tulsa, and a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. I also added another therapy tool to my capabilities, with certification in EMDR (explained in greater detail on this website), in order to treat post- traumatic stress disorder and other deep seated problems which are not as easily discovered through traditional therapy. Beyond that, I am also a certified Life Coach, which is directed towards helping anyone to live a more fulfilling life, with a focus on success and positive thinking, while enriching those around them.

Overall my therapy style is extremely flexible and diverse, since I must adapt to the infinitely broad variables that affect such a broad range of clients. No two people share the same problems or backgrounds, so no one specific approach can address a multitude of needs. At my age, I have a vast reservoir of both life experiences and professional experiences to draw from, in analyzing and assisting you with what might have brought you to the need for counseling. I know that depression and anxiety knows no boundaries, when it comes to race, creed, gender, or financial status in life, and as such, I truly believe that I can help you discover the right answers, which lie within you, to make a positive difference in your life.

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