Georgia Jimenez, LSCSW

Georgia-JimenezI began my college studies in nursing and came very close to finishing.  After taking a break from school and raising four sons, it was time to finish college and do what I felt the most comfortable doing… helping people through trials and stress in their lives so that they could accept losses and move forward.  Helping others to be happy was a good goal.  After a degree in psychology, and advanced degree in counseling and another advanced degree in social welfare, therapy seemed the ideal job and I began.  I worked with families in home health, adolescents and older women in a maternity home, the elderly in a large nursing facility,  and eventually ended up in a non profit agency here in Wichita.  It seems that through my studies of life and in school, I was able to help young children get back on track.  Couples to work on issues they were stuck in, and families who where adjusting to life’s trials and their children who were reacting to the changes.  We all know that life can be tough at times and we may need someone to listen and help guide us in a healthier direction by walking with us, understanding our lives and hopefully being objective in this journey called life.    This was the best fit for me.  I can be very direct, but most of my clients know that I really do care about them and their loved ones.  I will work my hardest to help them see things from a healthier perspective when needed.  All of this comes from a great respect and admiration for the human spirit and what it needs to prosper.

Adolescents seem to be drawn to me and for some reason, they trust me most often.  I do care about them and they have so much potential if listened to and guided in a direction that leads them to a better place in life.  Whether they come from a home where everyone is too busy to just stop and listen or a home that wants to do better, but everyone has to work to make ends meet in our world today…..they really do appreciate someone helping them to better understand themselves.  I’ve met very few if any adolescents (and adults for that matter) who don’t want to do better in life.  When they understand where their issues come from, they can figure out a solution and life seems much better.  They then develop confidence in their own capabilities and that’s always a positive.  It is way easier living in a world that affirms who and what you are.  Focusing on strengths rather than only on shortcomings and weaknesses is always beneficial.

My strengths as a therapist:

• Communication which is always imperative to self, family, occupations, and friends

• Objective listening and helping clients to see a different perspective that is more positive in life

• Acceptance for who someone is even at their worst.

• Grief and loss from different things:  death, job loss, loss of family and friends, income, health, and self image after a loss of limb or ability to be mobile and self-supportive

• Divorce and how it affects children, couples and even faith. Not making children be the battlefield between spouses.  How children can adjust to having two very loving homes.

• Understanding that we are a combination of mind, body and spirit.  All three need to be addressed in order to feel whole.  Leaving one out leaves a hole and a feeling of emptiness.

• Trauma from rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and an understanding about how that affects life now and in the future

• Helping parents to parent their children in the most positive way possible.

• Anger issues with children and adults.

• Stress and anxiety as it affects us and others (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic and Anxiety Attacks)

Populations I work with:

• Children 10 and up
• Adults
• Couples and Families
• Adolescents
• Groups:  Adults and Adolescents as the need arises

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