Jeffrey Cole, LCAC

Licensed Clinical Addition Counselor Jeff Cole has a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on dependency, a MA in Clinical Administration, and a MS in Family Therapy. His career as a counselor spans 39 years. Cole has a vast background therapeutically in individual, group, couples, couples groups, challenge courses, and wilderness therapy. He has worked with diverse populations from nonprofit outpatient to inpatient private facilities. Additionally he has an extensive therapeutic history of working with veterans.

“We have unlimited emotional options; why is it we tend to restrict our selection to only one or two? No matter how much we rethink life’s events it is impossible to make them nonevents the best we can hope for is understanding and direction for the future. It’s in the history of our experiences that the true strength of us is found. Old or young we all have stories which hold the truth of our character. My objective with every client I sit across from is to take the time to listen to their story. . .”

Jeff specialties include:
• Dependence related Depression and Anxiety
• Conflict Resolution
• Relational Issues 


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