Tina Grzeskiewicz T-LMLP

tina-grzeskiewiczTina is a Temporary- Licensed Masters Level Psychologist located at our Health and Wellness office on Rock Road. Her primary areas of focus are on addiction, trauma, and testing. Tina works with most all presenting issues such as career planning, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia spectrum, maternal care/postpartum care, educational/learning issues, athletes, and sexual dysfunctions or reproductive issues to name a few. Tina does complete psychological and neuropsychological testing for all presenting issues. She works closely with the pain management doctors across town for evaluations for coordination of care.Tina tends to work with ages 12 and up.

She came from Oklahoma to attended school through Butler Community College where she now is a professor. She completed her bachelors degree in psychology with minors in sociology, women’s studies, and geology at Wichita State University. She went on to a PsyD program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology of Southern California. She graduated from Emporia State University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has along history of working with the addictions population. She has been lucky enough to be 1 of 7 people certified in the state of Kansas (or Midwest for that matter) to assist in the treatment of depression using transcranial magnetic stimulation. She is the past president of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for the State of Kansas. She, her husband, and two children reside in just outside of Wichita. She and her husband skydive and appreciate running and serving the public.

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